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Radio Northsea International

Radio Northsea International (Radio Nordsee International or RNI) was located at the marine vessel "Mebo 2" and 100% the most successful Pirate Radio Station ever with offshore operation. My closest friend Ernst Roger Kirk -which died in december 2012- visited the vessel Mebo 2 under a pseudonym name in the year 1971 & 1974. 

Roger started his official career 1968 with programs for the early greek Pirate "Radio Pyrgos" (Pyrgos Broadcasting Station), worked then for a german studio and was 1970 on the air for the dutch "Radio Veronica". He was chief and founder of "Radio Victoria" in the 80-ies and decades later, since 2008, he was part of the new Webradio-Team of RNI.

 More about Roger in this german text (autobiographical) and > here <

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RNI was a remarkable Pirate Radio, they were multi-lingual in English, Dutch and German. The Radio Ship "Mebo2" was colorful painted, and the broadcasted advertising brought good financial revenues. RNI lives as a webradio until today.

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